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Connected Childbirth
A Mindful Approach to Birthing

We have ended our fall 2022 season of classes. Check back for 2023 listings.

Connected Childbirth Sessions:
  • Start Dates | STAY TUNED FOR POSSIBLE 2023 Classes
  • Location | Santa Ana (Near the Discovery Cube)
  • 2 hour weekly session | 6:30 - 8:30p
  • 4 consecutive weeks
  • $425 a couple, all materials included
Added Bonus FREE Access to our Online Library: 
  • Online Connected Breastfeeding Course - All you need to start your journey out right. 

  • Online Baby Care Basics Course - All you need to know when baby comes home.

  • Free access to our online Connected Childbirth Version to go deeper or rewatch.

  • 6 Advanced Birth Training Videos for hands-on partner support.

  • Our Postpartum Ebook for planning your optimal recovery.

  • 6 Advanced Nervous System Regulation Exercises to create lifelong resilience.

  • 5 Audio Mediation Files to help you release your fears and embrace your strength.

  • 12 Affirmation Cards to inspire and ignite your courage! 

  • Birth Intentions/Plan Template

*A minimum enrollment of 5 couples is needed for each session. If we do not achieve that minimum and have to cancel a session, and you will receive a refund for your deposit.  

Your Instructor

Staci Berrey

Owner and operator of Labor of Love, Staci has dedicated her career to supporting new families. She is a childbirth educator, birth and postpartum doula, lactation counselor and is certified as an Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapist.

Staci created Connected Childbirth in 2015 because she found that hospital classes didn't address the mental and emotional sides of birthing and "Method" classes like The Bradley Method or Hypnobirthing primarily focused on un-medicated births which can create trauma if a certain outcome is not achieved. 


Having sat by the bedsides of 100's of women, as a birth doula, the desire to create a trauma informed childbirth class that focused on individual self-care became her passion. Birth is not one size fits all. Her approach is to empower a family to meet this moment on their terms regardless of the tools they use.  

Connected Childbirth IS a class that focuses on becoming more mindful and self aware so that you can take the best care of yourself in this moment.
  • It's about personal growth and your individual journey.
  • It's a partner based childbirth class.
  • For those that want to intimately connect to their experience and make it as memorable as possible.

Our goal is that you will have all the tools to attune to your specific needs and achieve the birth that is right for you, and no one else. No matter how you wish to birth, medicated or non-medicated, this class will help you and your partner prepare for your experience. 

Connected Childbirth is not your average childbirth class (
thank goodness) and no where near a traditional hospital course. It's also not a method or an agenda based child-birthing prescription based class. That means that we see your birth as unique as you are - no births are alike, it isn't a one size fits all sort of thing and so your childbirth preparation should be designed specially for your individual needs. 
Canva - Husband Massaging His Pregnant W

Week 01

Connecting to the moment on a personal level:

  • Awareness/Mindfulness

  • Fear

  • Pain

  • Relaxation

  • Partner Support 

Canva - Intimate couples hug.jpg

Week 02

Childbirth | What it is and What it isn't: 

  • What we bring to this moment emotionally

  • Physiology of Childbirth

  • Stages of Childbirth

  • Tool Box for Labor

  • Working as a Team 

Canva - Pregnant woman writing names for

Week 03

Expecting and Navigating Your Experience:

  • Options in Birth

  • Navigating the Hospital

  • Writing Your Intentions

  • Putting a Plan Togther


Canva - Mother Breastfeeding Newborn in

Week 04

Postpartum and Baby Care Basics:

  • Postpartum Prep

  • Postpartum Emotions

  • Baby Care Basics

  • Beginning Your Journey


"I love how the class started addressing fears and emotions as those have grown bigger and bigger during my search for confidence. I instantly felt more confident when I learned the physiology of fear and how to counter it with relaxing.
We are learning so much and my husband is learning how to be there for me the ways I need him to be. we are coming up with the mantras that personally help me feel confident and we wouldn't have known to do that without your classes. At such an unsure time in the world right now we are finding so much comfort through the relaxation tools you are teaching."
~ Confident Mother, Melanie
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