You can't fail in birth;

however, your childbirth class can fail you!

Connected Childbirth

A Revolutionary Guide to Birthing



Our on-line program is extensive, you will receive:

  • 4 Weekly Comprehensive Structured Modules

  • 16 Presentations comprised of powerful information that will change the way you see birth, yourself and this moment. 

  • 6 Personalized Hands-On Training Videos to ensure that you are laser focused. 

  • 22 Cheatsheets, Tips and Tricks that will help you connect to this moment on a deeper level.

  • 1 Postpartum Ebook to offer you a road map to a quick recovery.

  • 6 Advanced Anxiety Exercises to support lifelong resilience and peace.

  • 5 Audio Mediation Files to help you release your fears and embrace your strength.

  • 12 Affirmation Cards to inspire, light you up and ignite your courage! 

  • FREE Birth Intentions/Plan Template

  • FREE access to our Breastfeeding course
  • FREE access to our Baby Care Class
  • 1 year access 

  • All for $297

"I can't thank you enough! Before all of this quarantine we were signed up for multiple classes at the hospital and felt pretty confident with this first pregnancy until they canceled all of those classes. I was crushed and a rush of fear crept in. I searched online for classes that felt right for us and it was exhausting and stressful until my doctor handed me your flyer, and I knew it was perfect for us.
I love how the class started addressing fears and emotions as those have grown bigger and bigger during my search for confidence. I instantly felt more confident when I learned the physiology of fear and how to counter it with relaxing.
We are learning so much and my husband is learning how to be there for me the ways I need him to be. we are coming up with the mantras that personally help me feel confident and we wouldn't have known to do that without your classes. At such an unsure time in the world right now we are finding so much comfort through the relaxation tools you are teaching." ~ Confident Mother, Melanie
Connected Childbirth is not your average childbirth class (thank goodness) and no where near a traditional hospital course. It is also not a method or an agenda based child-birthing prescription class. 
Connected Childbirth IS a class that focuses on self awareness, personal growth and your individual journey. It is a partner based class for those that want to intimately connected to their experience.
Our goal is that you will have all the tools to attune to your specific needs and achieve the birth that is right for you, and no one else. No matter how you wish to birth, medicated or non-medicated, this class will help you prepare for your experience. 
Canva - Husband Massaging His Pregnant W

Week 01

Connecting to the moment on a personal level:

  • Awareness

  • Mindfulness

  • Fear

  • Pain

  • Partner Support 

Week 02

Childbirth | What it is and What it isn't: 

  • What we bring to this moment emotionally

  • Physiology of Childbirth

  • Stages of Childbirth

  • Tool Box for Labor

  • Working as a Team 

Canva - Pregnant woman writing names for

Week 03

Expecting and Navigating Your Experience:

  • Options in Birth

  • Navigating the Hospital

  • Writing Your Intentions

  • Putting a Plan Togther


Canva - Mother Breastfeeding Newborn in

Week 04

Postpartum and Baby Care Basics:

  • Postpartum Prep

  • Postpartum Emotions

  • Baby Care Basics

  • Beginning Your Journey


Dates & Locations: In-Person Classes On Hold for now

Connected Childbirth:
  • Locations | Tustin and Laguna Hills
  • 2 hour session 
  • 4 consecutive weeks
  • $350 a couple, all materials included
*A minimum enrollment of 3 couples is needed for each session. If we do not achieve that minimum and have to cancel a session, and you will receive a refund for your deposit.  


TO REGISTER: Click on the PayPal link to leave a non-refundable $50 retainer to save your spot. Once that is completed we will be sending more information your way!