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Our Birth Doulas

We are here from the moment you hire us offering you one-on-one, intimate and customized support at one of the most curial times in your life. 

OC birth doula

Karen G.

Karen is the calm Aunt we all wish we had in our time of need. She comes to your moment with trust, support and a wisdom that we all desire at such a crucial time. Being a birth doula is a second career as Karen came to this path after witnessing the beauty of being by her daughter's side in labor.

OC Birth Doula

Karen F.

Karen is one of those women that lights up a room with her warm spirit and calm energy. She deeply understands the commitment as a doula, such a trusted and honored position. Her loyalty to your goals and strength is her focus. She is unwavering in her commitment to you.

OC Birth Doula


Shelly is a breath of fresh air and encouragement when most needed. Our clients feel a sense of relief as soon as she arrives. Her goal is that you feel confident and secure the entire time. She personally understands this connection to support and creating a positive, healthy birth experience.

OC Birth Doula


Staci is the devoted friend that stands by your side no matter what. When everyone steps away she comes near. She understands that support is imperative in the birth room and sets the stage for motherhood. When you feel listened to and heard, you walk into parenthood with confidence.

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Our Postpartum Doulas

Please contact us for more information about our doulas.

This is a small of list of our postpartum care providers.

OC postpartum doula


Cathy has been an infant care giver for 20+ years and fits in seamlessly with our clients' family. She will become family supporting you in ways you didn't know you needed. She goes above and beyond to ensure mother and baby are thriving. 

OC postpartum doula


Sara has been nurturing families for 10+ years. She is your very own Mary Poppins that helps ease all the chaos of life with a newborn. She prides herself on bringing order and control during this season in your life. 



Jessica has dedicated her life to supporting young families. She has 23+ years experience in the field. She is a natural care giver and brings her organizational and management skills to a hectic time in your life.

unnamed-2 (1).jpg


Jenne has devoted her life to nurturing the family circle. She has been a night nanny for many years were her passion for postpartum began. She believes that families thrive with the right system of support in place. She strives to offer you that support. 

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