Placenta Services 

Unfortunately, I did not hear about placenta encapsulation until I had my second; and boy, did it made a world of difference for my recovery. It should be a part of everyone's postpartum tool box!

~ Stacey, Long Beach, Ca 


This service is currently on hold. 

The act of ingesting the placenta has been practiced for centuries all over the world with traditional roots in the Chinese culture. Labor of Love Birth & Postpartum understands the value and benefit of adding your placenta to your postpartum care. 

Proposed benefits for recovery & healing: 

  • Balancing of postpartum hormones. 

  • Increase in stress-relieving hormones.

  • Reduction in postpartum depression.

  • Reduction of postpartum bleeding.

  • Increase of energy and wellbeing.

  • Increase in breast milk supply.

  • Replenishing of iron levels. 

  • Ingesting your placenta can lead to a quicker recovery after having a baby. 

*GBS is not a contraindication for placenta services. If you are concerned about this please do your own research before signing up for this service.  

*If there is an infant or maternal infection at any time at birth or immediately following we will be unable to process the placenta & you will receive a full refund.

Preparation Method:

TCM: Traditional Chinese Medicine, the placenta is steamed prior to dehydration. This is to increase the warming energy for the mother after delivery. Steaming also works to remove any impurities from the placenta. We do not offer raw prep. Service included pick up and drop off of pills.


Cost $350 ($275 for doula clients)

Our services include:

  • Pick Up - We will come to your (hospital or home) and retrieve your placenta.

  • Processing of Placenta - It usually takes 24 - 48 hours to process.

  • Drop Off - Once processed, your pills will be delivered right to you with full instructions.

  • Your Responsibility - Notify us of labor! Complete instructions will be emailed once you hire us.

To add this service to your postpartum care: 

  • Use the link below to leave a $150 ($75 for doula clients) retainer fee.

  • By paying this fee you are agreeing to allow LOLB&P to process your placenta.

  • A contract & further instructions will be emailed to you shortly to complete the process.

  • Your retainer fee is a non-refundable fee if you choose to cancel services before the baby is born. Fees are kept for time spent processing your order and loss of work. 

  • If we can not process your placenta due to a contraindication that happens during birth, this fee will be refunded (minus any processing or credit card fees).

**Please note, this service needs to be booked 2 weeks before your due date to guarantee a place on our calendar. We don't accept last-minute placenta bookings.