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Expecting Couple

I had the best experience with the team at Labor of Love! My husband and I are first time parents and we don't have much support here in California so we decided to look into getting a doula. We interviewed several doulas and immediately I knew Labor of Love was the one for us.

~ New Mama Valerie 

Cheerful Pregnant Woman

I never knew much about doulas and their roles. I have always heard that doulas are advocates for all natural birth with no medication. I knew that I wanted a vaginal birth with epidural. Once I did my research and came across Labor of Love I immediately felt so much peace and knew that they would help me with however I wanted my labor to go.

~ New Mama Stephanie

"If you are searching though Yelp looking for a doula, stop searching and contact Labor of Love. Enough cannot be said about the professionalism displayed by Staci and her team and the service and support they provided throughout the labor process invaluable.

Staci and our doula helped calm what had been a difficult doula searching experience. My wife and I had been searching for a doula and had the one we were working with kept postponing our meet and greet, which was frustrating, especially as the due date approached. When the doula then reached out to say she was no longer taking on new clients. We were scrambling, and reached out to Labor of Love. Staci contacted us the same day and we were one the phone with her the next evening. Staci was a joy to speak with and listened to what we were looking for in the birth experience, and provided us with information on their doulas and services. That she was so open and accommodating with such short notice, we cannot express enough how much we both appreciated that.

Lauren (our doula) is an absolute wonder. Her communication was exactly what we needed, she was helpful, knowledgeable, comforting, supportive, we honestly cannot say enough what her presence in the room meant for us. Lauren's gentle guidance and assurance gave my wife the knowledge and support she needed to make important decisions and we truly believe that with that with the empowerment she provided through the turbulent process ensured we all came home safely. Lauren was exactly the person we needed by our side going through this and we were so incredibly lucky to have her on our team.

We were so lucky to have found Labor of Love when we absolutely needed them most and they delivered (sorry, pun intended) in so many more ways than we could have ever imagined.

We cannot thank Staci and Lauren enough."

~New Dad Brandon

How do I express my gratitude and satisfaction in one review?! To say the least, I am an adventurous planner from point 1 all the way to 100. But I'm also a little sheepish when it comes to the unknown. I wasn't sure if hiring a doula was the right fit for me because I never knew the value. I also thought that I can just do it hard could childbirth be? Psh...How naive was I?! I seriously knew nothing.

From our first initial phone call with Staci and meeting my doula, Karen, I knew we made the right choice.

Having a doula was such a huge help for me because I needed someone that not only would have my corner supporting me in all my intentions, but also someone that would speak lovingly and truthfully.

Let me tell you: NOTHING went according to my birth plan but EVERYTHING was so PERFECT - everything. I felt supported, confident, and most importantly I felt SAFE. If it wasn't for Labor of Love, I would have certainly felt lost, angry, and scared. You are not just hiring a doula, you are gaining friends. What an incredible team that I pray I get to work with again (God willing ;)).

~ New Mama Ana

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