STOP! Deer in the Headlights!

I remember it well, that look of utter helplessness...

There I was in active labor, completely unsure of myself.

I felt like I was being swallowed alive by the tidal waves that kept coming, one after the next, over and over, repeatedly crashing upon me. All I could do was brace for the storm. No one told me it could be like this, the contractions were coming too fast right from the start.

There I was lost in "laborland" and as I looked to my husband, my parter, the love of my life for some help, a life raft ...

I could see/feel/sense/smell his utter helplessness. That look of total panic, deer in the headlights, the stare of complete fear...

That look, that feeling of utter helplessness and panic is what drives me as a childbirth educator. No one should feel helpless in labor. No woman or her support partner should ever experience that sinking sense of loss in labor!

Unfortunately, we do not have a system that supports our emotional connection to this experience. Hospital classes fall short and just do not cut it. They are not designed to build our confidence and define our roles in labor. Instead they prepare you for procedures and walk you through hospital protocol and expectations. Women are still left with the simplest of questions (like what the hell do I do in a contraction?) unanswered; and, our partners are left even more confused.

When people ask what makes our childbirth classes so different and unique, it is because we know exactly what women and men want from this experience. A woman wants to feel heard, understood, have guidance and feel safe. Her partner wants to know exactly how to support, touch and care.

In our childbirth classes, we focus on building this connection so that a couple can birth together in confidence. We get down to the nitty gritty, the fundamentals, the basics, we talk about the hard stuff and give you both the tools to help you navigate your story without fear and panic; so that no one is caught in the headlights!

Labor of Love Birth Services recognizes that childbirth is not one size fits all. We offer several different childbirth classes for Orange County families; The Bradley Method, 4 Week Birth Prep, and our Labor & Delivery Workshop.

For those looking for OC childbirth education look no further.

Our childbirth classes are for EVERYONE regardless of HOW you want to labor!

Our Orange County childbirth classes are taught in two locations; Orange and Laguna Hills, California.

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