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Lisa Sherwood - An Inspired Midwife

I have been a midwife for 18 years and have the privilege of caring for birthing families everyday. Working in this sphere makes me keenly aware of how important it is to protect a woman’s birth space and honor that place of intimacy and vulnerability. Building trust and safety is imperative to helping a woman release fear, let go and welcome her baby into the world with joy.

Being called to midwifery care and dedicating my life to bettering birth has been a great honor. I have the privilege to be invited into this sacred space of new life. Being entrusted with this job means that I listen and love women through each unique experience. I witness the incredible work of their bodies. I watch as they bring forth a new life, very much a part of themselves. I see how these women emerge stronger, more confident, and proud when given the encouragement and respect they deserve.

During pregnancy, I work hard at building a mutual trusting relationship with all my patients. This allows the walls to come down. I want women to feel secure in expressing real concerns and fears with me. I will always meet them with respect and address their needs. When such emotional concerns are met women understand and trust that I am there and will offer them the tenderest of medical care. Such trust allows a woman to be truly seen and heard and move forward with confidence in birth.

I believe that the support I offer birthing women helps them trust their ability to meet the new challenges of a lifelong parenting journey. The weeks following birth are met with hormonal changes, newborn demands, and sleep deprivation. A transformative time in every mother’s life. As a midwife, my relationship continues to help this transition adding extra support as they begin a new role/season of their life.

I am grateful for each woman who has entrusted their birth experience to me. It is a privilege to walk this journey with you. Your strength, determination, and tenacity will continue to serve you well and encourage other women for generations to come.

To add Lisa Sherwood, MS, CNM, WHCNP, to your birth team contact Orange Coast Women's Medical Group.

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