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Parents with Newborn Baby


Welcoming your baby into the world is transformative on so many levels; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This moment will impact your life forever. Let's ensure that we meet this day with intention, connectedness and self-awareness to make it the best moment ever!  


Labor of Love grew out of the desire to change the birth narrative; overwhelm, guilt, shame, self judgement and fear, to one of resilience, strength and personal growth. Too many of us have negative associations with our birth & postpartum experiences. Too many of us feel alone and isolated without the village and support we need to take care of ourselves as mothers. Such issues lead to over-all dissatisfaction, anxiety, depression and questioning ourselves as mothers. 

We want to change such stories. We want ALL women to thrive and (even though this can be a challenging time) we want ALL women to feel heard, listened too, validated and offered genuine support.


We know that our homes are only as healthy as the mother that resides in them. We know that when mothers have support, confidence and reassurance that the whole house-hold thrives. We know that when a women has the support to reach her highest strength, she feels unstoppable. Such energy carries into how we raise our children. 


Our professional, intimate, hands on, personal and private expertise is a game changer for new families. We work directly with you and attune specifically to your needs. This is how we change our stores - with one-on-one support. 


We strive to fill the gap between medical care and individual/personalized care. Our goal is to bring balance and peace of mind to your pregnancy, birth & postpartum. Our clients are never alone in decisions, options or experience. We are by your side at a very challenging time offering expert guidance. We bring comprehensive support without judgement or agenda.

It is our gaol to create loving, beautiful, and cherished stories for the families we support. When we raise one another up, we raise everyone up! We only get one chance to do this and the more support you have the better experience you will have. 

About Staci 

Staci Berrey opened Labor of Love in 2013 to support Orange County birthing families. Her goal was to help women have a better birth experience. She quickly realized that support & education were paramount in making great birth memories regardless of HOW a woman births. 

She has dedicated her life to changing Orange County's cultural & birth narrative so that families can have a thriving experience. This comes from a deep understanding that we carry these memories with us our entire lives and women will remember how they were made to feel in birth forever. The power behind this experience stays with us for a lifetime. It is essential that we feel loved, respected and heard during this transition. 

No matter how you do it - BIRTH IS BRAVE!

Staci is a Long Beach native born and raised in Southern California. She earned her BA in Art History from UCI and went on to a MA in Religious Studies at CSULB. She was pulled to birth work after having her first child in 2009. She worked as a solo birth doula for many years, and, understanding the importance of making doula work sustainable for herself and her family, Labor of Love moved into an agency model bringing on a full team of like minded professionals. She now is the sole operator of Labor of Love Birth & Postpartum. 

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