Birth Doula Services 

We have you covered.

When you invite us into your journey you are adding a team of experienced, professional, and compassionate birth workers to guide you through this moment. We know that the more support you have in birth, the better experience you achieve.
With us, by your side, you will never be alone.
To clarify, we are not midwives please refer to our blog if you need more info on this topic:
Midwives & Doulas for clarification.

Orange County birth doula, Labor of Love

Hands on Support

As birth experts we know how to help & will anticipate your needs.

Labor Management Tips & Tricks

Orange County birth doula, Labor of Love


You are never alone. We are a phone call away. 

24/7 On Call

Individual Care

We offer non-agenda based support so that you feel 100% confident in what is right for YOU.

Attuning to your needs

Orange County birth doula, Labor of Love

Partner Confidence

We offer both of you confidence & help shoulder the responsibility.

Help shoulder the responsibility

Orange County birth doula, Labor of Love

Peace of Mind

We are your anchor, your rally, by your side helping you navigate your journey.

Expert Birth Professional Support


A compassionate professional care giver is a GAME CHANGER!

Intimate, Individual Support

Contact us today to learn more about our packages, fees, and team. Once you do, we will give you an opportunity to connect with Staci personally to discuss your care. 


Labor of Love is a god send. Their support empowered me during my birth experience and the mental support allowed me to have the birth I wanted. It was the best investment we made as our memories will stay with us for a lifetime.

— Kimberly,Costa Mesa