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Birth and postpartum doula services in Orange County

Labor of Love Podcast

Birthing into the Great Unknown 

The Evolution of a Mother

Hosted by Staci Berrey

Birthing Into The Great Unknown


Is about redefining pregnancy, birth, parenting, and ultimately, ourselves.


This Podcast is dedicated to those that wish to leave behind overwhelm and anxiety and choose to create action and agency in their lives.


We're going to address birth trauma, find the lessons within it and build tools to move beyond it. We'll highlight resources of tremendous change that can help us connect deeper to our lives in order to create more pleasure and joy. We'll also explore inspiring personal stories of transformation when we welcomed our children into the world.


For what we birth, after we give birth, can be the most powerful part of our journey.

Birthing into the Unknown, a top Pregnancy Podcast by Labor of Love
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