Affiliated Midwives

Orange Coast Women's Medical Group

We have teamed up with the amazing midwives of OCWMG that offer the highest quality hospital midwifery care to all of Orange County birthing families. Their care is the best of both worlds! Delivering at Saddleback memorial. 

Labor of Love Birth & Postpartum works closely with the midwives of Orange Coast Women's Medical Group.
Lisa Sherwood and Melissa Alexandria are Orange County's premiere hospital midwives offering traditional midwifery care in the hospital setting. As a team, they support expecting families throughout pregnancy. They intimately build a relationship with you, dedicating time to your monthly appointments and getting to know you. 
When you are in labor you are guaranteed that Lisa or Melissa will deliver your baby. One of them will attend your birth, be with you in the hospital, and there the entire time you are pushing. This care is unheard of in the hospital setting until now! 
  • The midwives will take time with you. Genuinely listening and addressing your concerns.
  • Their care allows you to birth the way you feel is best and safest for you and your baby.
  • As a member of Orange Coast Women's Memorial Group care team, they work along side the physicians. This allows you to take advantage of the physician's care in the case of an emergency.
  • A major advantage of partnering with OCWMG is that they accept all forms of insurance which mean your midwifery care is covered! 
Lisa & Melissa are a breath of fresh air and a valuable asset for women in Orange County. They offer exemplary care that is unprecedented in our medical birth culture. Lisa Sherwood has single-handedly changed the hospital birth culture at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center. 
Make an appointment with her today through Orange Coast Women's Medical Group. It will make all the difference in your hospital experience!