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Labor of Love Birth Services is no longer offering or affiliated with The Bradley Method® for many reasons. Labor of Love deliberately works towards changing the birth narrative for families and creating a positive, supportive birth journey. To do so we feel we that birth is NOT one size fits all and that woman must be empowered to make the RIGHT decisions for their birth, baby and body. This means that childbirth support, education and language needs to be inclusive and non-agenda based.  The Bradley Method IS agenda base, uses destructive language and propagates a dangerous philosophy to the birthing community. 

Your choices are your own and this is where true empowerment comes from birth. When a woman has the confidence to decide what she needs in labor without judgement or shame. The Bradley Method unfortunately is adding to a negative birth culture creating trauma and shame. Suggesting that if you have medication, you have FAILED in birth. This is dangerous rhetoric with serious life-long consequences. 

Labor of Love has one mission, which is to support all families exactly where they are in their journey, without judgement or agenda. We believe that families should have the tools to navigate the birth of their child and personal care judgement free, allowing for positive self-care, grace and understanding. 


With this in mind, Staci has developed her own childbirth curriculum, Connected Childbirth Series. It focuses on exactly what couples want and need to know to achieve the birth that is right for them. The class focuses on connecting to this experience as a couple and provides the tools needed to achieve any birth experience, that is for you to decide and your baby to navigate. Our classes are inclusive to all birthing families. 

For more information read our blog; Breaking Up with The Bradley Method
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