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It is with a heavy heart that Labor of Love Birth Services must announce that we will no longer be offering or affiliated with The Bradley Method®. For more information read our blog; Breaking Up with The Bradley Method.
Starting 2018, Staci Berrey will no longer be teaching the Bradley Method for personal & professional reasons. Labor of Love deliberately works towards changing the birth narrative for families and creating a positive, supportive birth journey. To do so we feel we can no longer affiliate our practice with such an exclusive organization as The Bradley Method.
In good conscious, Staci will no longer be teaching this method in 2018 due to the fact that the Bradley organization is framed in judgement and basis. While Staci strived to teach the Bradley Method inclusively she feels association with this organization aids our current competitive birth culture and women feeling like they "failed" if they do not have a "Bradley" birth.
Labor of Love has but one mission to support all families exactly where they are in their specific journey, without judgement or agenda. We believe that families should have the tools to navigate the birth of their child and their personal care judgement free, allowing for positive self-care, grace and understanding. 
For these reasons Staci has developed her own childbirth curriculum, The Connected Birth Series. It focuses on exactly what couples want and need to know to achieve the birth that is right for them without basis. The class focuses on connecting to this experience as a couple and provides the tools needed to achieve any birth experience, that is for you to decide and your baby to navigate. Our classes are inclusive to all birthing families. 
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