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Childbirth Classes in Orange County

Connected Childbirth Class

Staci Berrey has been teaching Childbirth Classes for over 12 year to 1000's of Orange County families. Connected Childbirth is a mindful approach to birthing as no two births are the same. This is your one moment to really take good care of yourself! 

Connected Childbirth offers you the tools and skills to embrace this moment and beyond.  Our course is designed to help you create resilience, peace of mind and unwavering strength. No matter HOW you desire to birth, this course will help you get there!


Know that you can't fail in birth; however, your childbirth class can fail you! Birth is NOT one size fits all!

Invest in Your Birth Experience

Connected Childbirth is the ONLY online childbirth class of its kind.

We pride our childbirth course on being trauma informed and ...


1. Inclusive:

We trust YOUR choices! You will gain the confidence to birth the way you feel is best; medicated, unmedicated or cesarean, our goal is to educate you so that you are ready to meet this moment. 

2. Non-Agenda Based:

You can't fail at birth! No two people are the same and no two births are the same. You will learn about all your options without judgement or agenda.

3. Self-Care Focused:

Gain the strength and trust in yourself, that you need and deserve, to meet this moment exactly as it unfolds. 

4. Partner Based: This is their experience too. Your partner, be it your spouse, mother, sister or friend, will learn the skills needed to be by your side in love and support. 

Childbirth Class

Are you ...

  • Experiencing birth decision fatigue

  • Feeling overwhelmed with your choices

  • Confused with what childbirth "Method/Philosophy" to invest your time in

  • Nervous, worried or scared to birth?

  • Desire the tools to prepare you mentally, emotionally, and physically for beautiful and memorable birth experience

If you can relate, then our Connected Childbirth Class is for you. This course was designed to offer couples the tools to enhance their birthing experience and allow them to decided what is right for themselves. We will offer you all the tools so that YOU can decided what is right for your birth!

Childbirth Class

What to Expect from Connected Childbirth?

The Nitty Gritty

  • 4 Weekly Modules of Structured Comprehensive Childbirth Educational 

  • 16 Video Presentations 

  • 6 Personalized Advanced Training Videos for Labor

  • 22 Cheat sheets with tips, and tricks that will help you stay laser-focused, and connect to your intuition. 

  • 1 Postpartum E-book, a road-map to recovery 

  • 6 Advanced Tools/Exercises to relax your nervous system, stay calm, and build resilience and strength

  • 5 Audio Meditations to help release fear and embrace this moment

  • 12 Beautiful Affirmation cards to inspire your journey

  • FREE Birth Intentions/Plan Template

  • ADDED BONUS | Connected Breastfeeding Course 

  • ADDED BONUS | Baby Care Basics 

  • ADDED BONUS | Infant CPR Class provided by the American Heart Association Anytime CPR kit ($45 Value)

Connected Childbirth was a life saver, my husband and I didn't realize how much we didn't know. I am forever grateful for this course as it helped me along the way.  Best investment we made for our birth experience.


New Mom Courtney

Staci is a godsend! This series give me the skills to help my wife and understand what she was going through. It made the experience so much better for the both of us and taking the time to review the classes together, helped us connect. I loved every minute of it!  


New Dad Robert

This series is AWESOME. From pregnancy to breastfeeding and recovery. It helped me prepare for it all! Thank you Staci. 

New Mom Lauren

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Payment Option

2x  $205

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