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Cheerful Pregnant Woman


Connected Childbirth Course

A Mindful Approach to Birthing
Because no two bodies or babies are the same.

Connected Childbirth online course offers you the skills to embrace this moment and beyond. 
These dynamic tools will last a lifetime and can be utilized in the face of any challenge. Our course is designed to help you create resilience, peace of mind and unwavering strength.

"You can't fail in birth; however, your childbirth class can fail you!" ~ Staci Berrey 
Pregnant Woman and Partner

Let Me Ask:

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with your choices?

  • Are you confused with what childbirth "Method" "Philosophy" or class to invest your time in?

  • Are your in-person classes canceled?

  • Are you nervous or scared to meet this moment?

  • Do you desire the tools to prepare you mentally, emotionally and physically to create a beautiful and memorable birth experience? 

If you are looking to create a magical birth experience that feels connected to your own ideals and empowers YOU in the moment; Connected Childbirth was designed for you.

Expecting a Sibling

Everything you need to create a memorable experience is at your fingertips.

Connected Childbirth

The Nitty Gritty

Connected Childbirth is an on-demand comprehensive self-paced online childbirth course that includes the following: 

  • 4 Weekly Modules of Structured Comprehensive Material to help you take the best care if yourself in this moment.

  • 16 Presentations that will help you reframe and change how you see yourself, your body and your birth.

  • 6 Personalized Advanced Training Videos for support along your journey. 

  • 22 Cheatsheets, Tips and Tricks the help you stay laser focused and dive deeper into your intuition. 

  • 1 Postpartum Ebook offering you a road-map to recovery. 

  • 6 Advanced Tools/Exercises to build resiliency and strength.

  • 5 Audio Mediations to help release fear and embrace this moment.

  • 12 Beautiful Affirmations cards to inspire your journey. 

  • ADDED FREE BONUS | Connected Breastfeeding Course 

  • ADDED FREE BONUS | Baby Care Basics 

  • FREE Birth Intentions/Plan Template

What to Expect from Connected Childbirth:

Module 1: 

  • Mindfulness: Explore vulnerability, self-talk and mind-set for birth. 

  • Fear & Pain: Understand the invisible barriers that hold us back from embracing our journey.

  • Relaxation: Explore why relaxation is key to releasing your baby.

  • Coach: Explore instrumental tools for your partner to offer their love and support. 

Module 2:

  • Anatomy: Learn how your body works in birth so that you can foster a deeper connection to it.

  • First Stage Labor: Understand what labor is and isn't.

  • Managing First Stage Labor: How to work with your labor and build your individual toolbox to embrace your journey. 

  • Second & Third Stage Labor: Expectations in this moment and preparing to meet your baby!

Module 3: 

  • Options in Labor: Understand protocol and procedures so that you can make informed decisions.

  • Birth Intentions: Why it's so important to write our your intentions for this moment. 

  • Complications & Variations: Possible interventions, induction, medications, and cesarean birth. 

Module 4:

  • Postpartum Preparation: What happens when baby comes home and how to take optimal care for yourself.

  • Postpartum Expectations: Know what to expect and put a plan in place.

  • Your Newborn: What to expect in the first few weeks.


Advanced Relaxation Tools:

  • Personalized relaxation and anxiety tools to help you become more mindful, connect to your breath and help regulate your nervous system. 

  • Several audio download meditations aimed at focusing on abundance and love for yourself, your body and your baby.  

ADDED BONUS: Access to our Connected Breastfeeding Course: Set Yourself Up for Breastfeeding Success 

ADDED BONUS: Access to our Connected Baby Course: Baby Care Basics for the New Parent

FREE GIFT: One of kind downloadable and printable Affirmations for Strength in your journey. 

1 Year Access to all the above.

Connected Childbirth, an online childbirth class by Labor of Love
Connected Childbirth, an online childbirth class by Labor of Love


“I have absorbed and applied every word of Staci's! I feel I have a new, refreshed perspective on life - I have been practicing relaxation techniques, I feel centered, I've gained an awareness of my self-talk, and I have begun prioritizing my inner voice to improve the quality of my life! 

Connected Childbirth was an amazing class to grow and rise up to the transition into parenthood. I actually had intense claustrophobia going into childbirth, and a fear around all of the unknowns of birth. The class broke down facts around birth, our anatomy in an empowering way - in a way that allowed me to understand that I am in control of labor because I can control my breath, my thoughts and that birth is ordinary, that I can trust my body knows how to birth my baby! Taking it one contraction at a time.”     

New Mom Kasey

"As a first time mom, I was nervous and had anxiety around giving birth so my husband and I joined Connected Childbirth.  

The class was wonderful and really helped me understand what I could expect during labor, birth and postpartum, what options were available to me in the hospital, techniques for dealing with pain, and what to do after the baby arrives.  

Not only that, they really helped me understand that birth is a natural process, it is something my body was made to do!  

The information helped me feel empowered during my birth experience and I really think played a large part in me being mentally prepared to give birth."

New Mom Saya

Connected Childbirth is the ONLY online childbirth class of its kind.

We pride our childbirth course on being trauma informed and ...


1. Inclusive: We trust YOUR choices! You will gain the confidence to birth the way you feel is best; medicated, unmedicated or cesarean, our goal is to educate you so that you are ready to meet this moment. 

2. Non-Agenda Based: You can't fail at birth! No two people are the same and no two births are the same. You will learn about all your options without judgement or agenda.

3. Self-Care Focused: Gain the strength and trust in yourself, that you need and deserve, to meet this moment exactly as it unfolds. 

4. Partner Based: This is their experience too. Your partner, be it your spouse, mother, sister or friend, will learn the skills needed to be by your side in love and support. 

People prepare, research and train for most all major events in their lives; marathons, exams, holidays, buying a car, vacations, and even getting a new cell phone.

Your birth experience IS one of the BIGGEST days of your life, why won't you spend an equal (if not more) amount of time preparing and training for this event? ​​

Connected Childbirth online class helps families gain: 

  • Confidence in their body's ability to birth. 

  • Understanding informed consent and self-advocacy.

  • Experience a higher sense of control in the moment.

  • Experience less fear and concerns.

  • Partner's gain valuable knowledge and tools to help and advocate for your desires.

  • Gain new skills and ways to manage labor, reduce pain, relax, stay calm and create a more enjoyable experience.

  • Families that prepare for this moment have better outcomes and can possibly avoid unnecessary interventions. 

  • Better over-all satisfaction with their birth experience.  

  • Taking childbirth classes is associated with a 3-fold likelihood of having a vaginal birth. 

    • American Pregnancy Association

Newborn Baby

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2x  $195

Don't just go through it, GROW through it!

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