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The Breastfeeding Dad

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Tops Tips for Dads Supporting a Breastfeeding Woman

Advice for new dads from newly postpartum nursing mothers!

1. Make sure she is comfortable, bring her pillows for support and help with positioning. Bring her a glass of water, nursing mothers will be VERY thirsty. She may also need a snack, the remote or the telephone. She could be sitting there for a long time.

2. Bring your baby to mama in the middle of the night for a feed. This is a small kindness that goes a long way. Offer to burp, change and settle your baby back down so mama can get a little more rest. Rest for her is so important to cope with the day ahead.

3. Do the bath routine and get your baby ready for bed. It is a great way to bond with your baby.

4. Take your shirt off and have plenty of skin-to-skin contact with your baby. Wear them in a carrier! Carriers are not just for mama and baby. Take your baby out for walks and give mama a break everyday for at least 20 minutes!

5. Compliment mama on how well she is doing and always give her praise, “You are doing such a great job.” This will go along way!

6. If you are away at work all day, cook a nice & healthy meal that can be microwaved so that mama gets some food. Also, do some household chores without asking!

7. Change diapers as often as possible sharing the work load with mama. Also, do some shopping! It is much easier for you to go to the store then mama taking baby to the store.

8. If mama feels she needs to cover up in public, help her the first few times until she gets comforatble. Encourage her to feed your baby everywhere and anywhere and be proud!

9. If mama is pumping, feed baby a bottle & let mama have free time to shower, rest, etc…

10. Don’t pressure new mama to get sex life back on track. This is a big transition and having a new infant need so much from your body can make mama all ‘touched out.’

Lets make breastfeeding the NORM!! It starts by having your support and encouragement!

Powered by nursing mothers!!

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