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Supporting Postpartum Health with EO

Baby arrives with a lot of change and adjustment. This new precious human is now your whole world! As moms, our needs get put on the back burner. We ensure everyone else is taken care of BUT ourselves!

I have put together some great ways to nourish ourselves & fill our cups with a few basic Essential oils. These are all products I personally would not go without! Please keep in mind that I am not a physician, these suggestions are not to treat or cure any ailments. Always talk to your care provider if you have questions.

Lavender: Very good for calming you and baby when for better rest, but also great in some coconut oil for baby soft skin and scalp! This mixture is also great for postpartum abdomen support, can also be paired with Clary Sage, as the body is trying to get back to its new normal.

Stress Away: There are many highs and lows once baby arrives so I recommend keeping some Stress Away blend on you at all times! Its name says it all, and is perfect as your perfume to keep you feeling level headed! Just one drop on your wrists or behind the ears and you're set! It can also be paired with lavender in some Epsom salts for a warm bath, bring baby in with you to keep both of you clam and happy.

Joy: If the blues come your way, never fear, Joy oil blend is here to save the day! One drop across your heart can make a world of difference. Joy can also be diffused with Orange or Stress Away and is great to keep you home smelling fresh and keep everyone happy!

Progressence Plus: For endocrine support, as it effects those ups and downs, I recommend Progessence Plus serum. It has the most amazing smell and can support your body in keeping your endocrine system in check. Progessence Plus was formulated with the help of Dr. Dan Purser to support women. It includes wild yam extract, Frankincense and Bergamont, so your skin will thank you! Suggested to be worn as a Perfume to start the day and is great for the skin! Endoflex blend is another great supporter.

ClaraDerm Spray: One of the best products I recommend to all my new mommy friends is ClaraDerm Spray. It consists of oils like Frankincense, Helichrysum and Lavender and is made for skin support. As you know, the skin goes through a lot with pregnancy. So spray morning and night for the best skin post baby!

I hope this can help you get through those Postpartum months and beyond. It is such a beautiful time with your growing family, you want to support your wellness and enjoy watching your little human change right before your eyes!

For more information please feel free to contact me for more oils uses and all your Young Living product needs!

Eliza Fulton

Young Living Essential Oils Silver Leader and Wellness Educator

follow me on Instagram @elizamfulton

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