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"American Heart Association's Infant CRP Anytime Kits Offer In-Home CPR Classes!"

Orange County Infant CPR Class

Labor of Love is excited to announce its partnership with the American Heart Association in support and distribution of the AHA's Infant CPR Anytime Kits! These kits were designed for availability and access to CPR classes and training, so that more people can learn CPR and use their skills to act quickly in an emergency. They sell online through the American Heart Association for $45. The kits offer convenience, are very easy to use, and highly effective for the training of new and expecting parents, grandparents, babysitters, and anyone caring for an infant; and Labor of Love offers them for free with several of our services.

With these CPR kits, the American Heart Association has brought CPR and choking preparedness right to your living room and Labor of Love offers them for free with our Birth Doula Services and Childbirth Classes!

Labor of Love knows that expecting parents typically have a list of courses they wish to invest in, childbirth education, baby care basics, lactation and infant CPR classes. While we have you covered in all these departments with our Connected Childbirth Series, we are now very thrilled to announce that every client will also receive their very own personal AMA Infant CPR Anytime kit as well!

Orange County Infant CPR Class

Our Connected Childbirth Series now has EVERYTHING expecting parents need to meet this moment! When you purchase Connected Childbirth, you will now have the opportunity to learn a life-saving skill with a infant CPR class too. The AHA built a personal infant CPR and choking kit that offers core skills and training in about a 20 minutes that can be completed in your home. The kits offers everything you need to learn how to deliver this important emergency care. When you register for Connected Childbirth after 3/20/2024 you have the opportunity to have a AHA Infant CPR kit will be mailed directly to you!

Co-branded with the American Academy of Pediatrics, the AHA Infant CPR kit includes professional self-directed and life-saving CPR training.

The kit is an all-in-one infant CPR class that can be viewed from the comfort of your home. It emphasizes CPR and breath work for infants, which is very different than CPR breath work for a adults. It also includes training for choking relief. The kit contains instructions, materials and a DVD in English and Spanish. There is also a personal, inflatable Mini Baby CPR manikin to practice on which will let you know with a "click" if you have pushed too hard. Included are also Manikin wipes for cleaning for multiple use. You will also receive a quick reference card that can be conveniently carried in your wallet and reviewed as needed. Most importantly, the DVD training can be used to refresh your skills and train others.

The AHA Infant CPR Anytime kits are intended for anyone who wants to learn CPR, but does not need a CPR certified course completion card. This kit is ideal for anyone interested in learning how to save a life with CPR and choking relief. Labor of Love is happy to share these kits with our birth doula clients as they are now part of our Birth Doula Services and included in our packages, in addition, anyone that registers for our Connected Childbirth classes after 3/20/2024 will receive one in the mail. Click here to read more about this kit. We want to the thank the American Heart Association in providing Labor of Love with these amazing and life-saving kits so and we are proud to help distribute them.


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