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5 Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day that Every Mother will LOVE

As a doula and Bradley Method(r) childbirth instructor, I support mothers and their partners in all aspects of pregnancy, birthing and parenting. In particular, I support and help fathers that want the best for their wives in all aspects of life. My services as a doula and childbirth educator include setting fathers (& partners of laboring women) up for success. Even when it comes to gift giving!

So as a gentle remember and resource, I have compiled 5 easy examples (some links included) of gifts that any mother would love. Win her heart all over again and show her how much you love and appreciate her this Valentine’s Day with any of the below ideas.

1. Personalized Family Artwork - Melt any woman’s heart with these personalized one of a kind art pieces of your family.

2. Personalized Mother Jewelry - Make her feel loved and proud by ordering personalized mommy jewelry. Every mother loves this stuff!

3. Spa Treatment - Make her feel like a queen with a day at a local spa. This also means that you will be taking care of child/ren, let her know you have her back (and it deserves a massage)!

4. Professional Photography Session - Make the decision for her and set up that family session with a professional to capture this special time in your life! She will thank you for years to come.

5. Personal Time - This doesn’t cost a thing! Having free time as a mother to shop, walk, chat, dance, all on her own seems like a gift from heaven! Grab baby from her, give her time to get ready and call a friend, and let her go. Don't ask when she will return! Repeat this when needed and she will love her forever!

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