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Five Phone Numbers You Need Before Baby Arrives

Preparing for your postpartum period (the first 6 weeks after baby arrives) is so important. You need to have several resources ready to ease the transition & overwhelm from baby in belly to baby in arms.

Here are 5 phone numbers every new mother should have in her phone when baby arrives.

#1 Friends & Family who will help:

Make a short list of family members & friends that actually HELP! Having a baby is a lot of work and what is needed are visitors that come to offer real support; bring over or make a meal, give you a baby break, let you take a nap, or a shower, someone to walk the dogs and take the trash out. You don't need people coming over just to sit around and visit, that can be exhausting. So go through your list of visitors & know who you can count on to be there for you and your family.

#2 - A Local Lactation Counselor:

Breastfeeding can be the most challenging part of becoming a mother. Ensure success and be prepared to seek help if needed. Hiring a lactation counselor is an investment in your breastfeeding relationship (and much cheaper then formula). Make this connection ahead of time so that you feel confident in calling them in your moment of need.

#3 - A Local Postpartum Doula:

Bringing a baby home is a huge transition. The more help you have, the better. When you hire a postpartum doula they help with all the little things that become BIG things when you have a baby. A postpartum doula is there to anticipate your needs and give you the confidence in your parenting skills and choices. They are that little bit of heaven! You will want to meet with them before baby comes so that you trust them for when your baby arrives.

#4 - A Local House Keeper:

After all the work you have done reward yourself and give yourself permission to hire (if you don't have one already) a house keeper. Even if she only comes once or twice, allow yourself the luxury of not having to worry about how the house will be cleaned.

#5 - A Local Newborn Photographer:

Once your baby arrives they will just grow & grow & grow! Make sure to plan ahead of time and invest in those beautiful & most precious newborn photos! Check out Labor of Love Birth Services' resident photographer, Rhea Ashlynn. Rhea is an expert in newborn photography and simply the best. She suggests scheduling this photo shoot between 7-10 days after birth. This is why is it so important to have the photographer's number before baby arrives.


Make these connections ahead of time (before baby comes)! This does several things:

1. Saves you time & energy!

2. Reduces worry & overwhelm!

3. You will feel secure in these established relationships.

4. Ensures you are comfortable & confident in your choices.

5. Such self care will make your postpartum period go smoother & be more relaxed.

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