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Dreaded Mother's Day!

If your husband is like my husband, he HATES mother's day! For some reason my husband is never prepared for Mother's Day and seems very overwhelmed with the responsibility of what it entails. I recognize the pressure that is placed on our loved ones to make Mother's Day special and prefect AND I would like to make it a little easier!

So here are some really easy, trendy and unique gifts for the amazing mother in your life!

1. Cool Macrame Plant Holders by MangoAndMore - I love these decorative and creative plant holders that brighten any room. They are handmade with love and very fashionable. To win all the points don't forget to put a house plant in it AND hang it!!

2. Heart Shaped Ceramic Mom Ring Dish by susandgordonpottery - These one of a kind, handmade beautiful heart dishes are the perfect little special gift for any woman.

3. Custom Engraved Locket by SimplyAGem - There is nothing sweeter then an old fashion locket necklace. Every mother needs one of these with the perfect little photo of their beloved.

4. Personalized "Home is Where Mom is" pillow by TwoPeachesDesign - Face it women LOVE pillows! Especially one that is all about them! There are many options on this Esty shop for you to choose from - go and check it out!!

5. Custom Paper Portrait by BrittaniRosePaper - This is my personal favorite! I love personalized family portraits. These are all one of a kind and made to order! This will WOW her and probably bring tears to her eyes! Such a cool gift!

Happy Mother's Day!!

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