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Father's Day Cards - Out of the Trash & into a Treasure

Growing up, Father's day was not an exciting day. It was a day that I felt different and not as lucky as the other kids in my neighborhood.

My family never had a get together or celebration. I had no one to thank for teaching me how to ride my bike or caught a ball. I assume my mom taught me, although I have no memory of it.

Father's day was actually a reminder of everything I didn't have...

I didn't have a loving dad that did everything for me. Who loved me to the moon and back. Who would protect me from all the danger in the world and tell me I was his Hero. For those of us that grew up without a father, Father's Day can be very painful.

After having my daughters, I struggled to find the "right" gift for their special dad. I didn't know what to do for this amazing man who is everything to our children.

One resent Father's Day I was surprised to see my husband read a card from the girls, keep it for a day, then throw it in the trash! As a very sentimental person I kept birthday cards, Christmas cards and even Thanksgiving cards from years past. I love being able to read them when I miss that person and go right back to that moment. After I saw my husband throw out his card, he told me that he appreciated the words, but didn't know how or where to keep all the loose paper.

I decided then that I needed to find another way to keep these special items that our girls made. So, I purchased a journal to keep it all together, no more cards or separate works of art to get lost or thrown away!

Every year I have the girls draw a picture or make a hand print and tell me why they love their dad. My girls are 3 and 4, so they can't write sentences yet. Soon though, they will be able to write on their own and it will be such a treat to watch that progression all in one book. It is amazing to see them express how much they love their dad; their Hero.

It will be a gift of memories he will treasure forever.

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