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Shame on Me -

Today, I WILL choose to be gentle with myself.

I WILL choose not to go on Facebook and be frustrated at the mom who posted that she fits in to her pre-pregnancy jeans, a few weeks after she gave birth.

I WILL choose not to be angry with the mom that got 2 children dressed, hair brushed, lunches made and out the door for school on time, while still nursing a newborn.

I WILL choose not to hate on the business mom who makes time for her clients, kids and still makes it look like Martha Stewart made dinner for her family.

AND, most of all, I WILL choose not to get mad at myself for not being THIS mom!

NO, today I WILL choose to be gentle with myself.

I WILL choose to focus on what I am accomplishing and getting done. Even if that means I only got one load of laundry done.

I WILL choose to recognize my own “doings,” instead of hoping someone else will. AND, I will not be upset if my husband doesn't vocalize his appreciation for my "doings."

I WILL choose to be okay with my messy home because this is how I know that my children feel free to be themselves.

I WILL also choose to be okay with the laundry that didn't get neatly folded and put away, because I spent time playing with my kids instead of folding it.

And, I WILL choose to be okay with the sink full of dirty dishes because I know my family is well fed. (and really my teenager can clean them when he gets home.)

TODAY, I WILL also choose be HAPPY and PROUD for my fellow moms (like you) who, even for just this one day, were able to pull off what seems like the unthinkable! Your Facebook post speaks to how proud you are, and, instead of judging myself or you, I WILL relish in your accomplishments too.

We mothers are a tribe and I am part of the village. So today I choose to reject the judgments I place on myself and also those I reflect on you.

So bring on your mothering posts, good & bad, and lets praise one another for a job well done.

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