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Our Commitment to YOU

I had a recent interaction with a past client that has spurred this public announcement about Labor of Love Birth Services, and who we support.

Considering our extremely charged political climate, I felt compelled to share this with our past, current and future clients.

Labor of Love Birth Services DOES NOT discriminate!

We DO NOT discriminate against race, ethnic back ground, religious affiliation, political views & party, sexual orientation, gender identity & expression, age, disability, martial status, family make up, parenting philosophies, birthing methods & choices, etc.

You have our complete nonjudgemental, unbiased and unconditional support!

This is our level of commitment to our clients and our clients deserve this standard of commitment. There is no higher level of purpose for us, at Labor of Love Birth Services, than to offer unconditional strength and nurturing to families at their most challenged and bravest times.

You trust us with your most vulnerable moments and we honor that trust.

Our commitment to you is to guarantee a safe place for ALL families.

Our mission at Labor of Love Birth Services is to cultivate


There is NO judgment here.

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