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Praise Womanhood!

We wanted to highlight just how incredible and inspiring ALL women are and why we think they are so amazing! So we put together a little list detailing women's strengths and power!

1. Women are multitaskers -

Women can nurse a baby while tying a toddler's shoe, on the toilet and still make it out of the house on time with a fully packed diaper bag! AND, WE CAN DO THIS EVERYDAY!

2. Women wear multiple hats -

All at the same time, women are chefs, accountants, teachers, financial advisors, house cleaners, nurses, gardeners, entrepreneurs, taxi drivers, therapists, event coordinators and professional organizers!! AND, WE CAN DO THIS EVERYDAY!

3. Women's bodies serve multiple purposes - In addition to being nurturing and loving, women's bodies can make a baby, grow a baby, birth a baby and feed that baby for years! AND, WE CAN DO THIS EVERYDAY!

4. And on top of all this, (no pun intended) women can have multiple orgasms! AND, WE CAN DO THIS EVERYDAY (That is if she isn't too exhausted).

Tell us why you think women rock!

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