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Choosing the Right Orange County Care Provider for Your Birth.

As a birth professional (childbirth educator, doula, and lactation specialist), the most common question people ask is which hospital and care provider should I choose.

This answer will not be the same for everyone and usually prompts more questions from me. However, considering I have worked in every hospital in Orange County and with MANY care providers over the last 7 years, I do have some favorites. These places and providers are my standouts and the first level of recommendations.

While this list isn't complete, all these facilities are highly trusted. In addition, all the providers below offer individual and patient forward care. They also have an incredible bedside manner that makes all the difference when you are making memories and welcoming your baby into the world.

Kaiser Permanente is under a different system, as all their providers are on the same page we love:

Again, while this list my not be complete - these are the care providers we have worked with most in Orange County and believe help make wonderful memories!

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