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Dreaded Diaper Rash

How to avoid, heal, and manage diaper rash from a Postpartum Doula.

If you have a baby, I am sure you are no stranger to diaper rash. Diaper rash happens for many of reasons; urine or stool sitting on your baby’s sensitive skin, sweat and moisture, allergies, and harsh chemicals. The newborn skin on your baby’s bottom is so sensitive that it doesn’t take long for diaper rash to develop. The good news is that it also heals quickly too.

The following tips can really help with all things diaper rash.

1. Try to purchase sensitive skin diapers that have little to no harsh chemicals from the start. Some families choose to cloth diaper; however, if that is not possible there are numerous organic diaper lines out there which means LOTS of choices.

Here are two great options you can find at Target; Honest Company and Seventh Generation Sensitive.

While most babies may not have a response to traditional diapers some babies can have serious reactions to the chlorine, bleach and fragrances. Starting with a sensitive diaper can help you avoid finding out if your baby has a reaction.

2. Use water based diaper wipes. Using wipes without alcohol and harsh chemicals can help. Many of the chemicals in diaper wipes, like alcohol, can dry out your baby’s skin and irritate it. Using wipes that only contain water will support and clean your baby’s skin; WaterWipes

3. Frequent diaper changes can help so much. While I know that you probably feel like you are changing diapers all day long, if your baby is prone to diaper rashes you want to increase how many times you are changing their diaper. Some babies bottoms are soooo sensitive that sitting in a wet/dirty diaper for any prolonged amount of time will be a problem. Changing your baby’s diaper often will decrease this time and support your baby’s skin.

4. Use a topical barrier to help avoid and treat diaper rash like a cream or ointment. To prevent diaper rash you can use an oil based topical like coconut oil or the Honest Company has a great option. Using an ointment like this every time you change your baby’s diaper can help prevent diaper rash all together. It offers a barrier between urine or stool and your baby’s skin.

If your baby has diaper rash using a cream with Zinc Oxide can help it heal quickly. These are great options: Baby Bum and Burt’s Bees.

5. Air Time - Believe it or not the bast to soothe a bottom is to let it be bare! I know this isn’t ideal but allowing your baby’s skin to air dry, breath and get some fresh air will help keep diaper rash away. Oxygen is a great healer and exposing your baby’s bottom to it will help. Use a towel to support the process.

Pro-Tip: Breastmilk - If you are breastfeeding there are magical healing properties to it. dabbing breastmilk on the effected area can help it calm down faster. Breastmilk is anti-microbial and amazing nourishing qualities to it.


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