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You CAN'T Fail at Birth; however, your childbirth class CAN fail you!

I want YOU to feel absolutely amazing about the day you give birth!

I want you to feel a sense of pride and resilience.

I want you to deeply love the day you meet your baby without guilt, shame, judgement or blame; cause NONE of those adjectives should be even close to the way you describe the day you meet your baby! 

Let's discuss, think about and prepare for how you will internalize your birth. This is a serious question to ask yourself because how you internalize your experience becomes your memory of this moment; and quite frankly, I know too many friends, family and acquaintances that felt they failed in birth. In all honesty, I suffered from some of these thoughts myself.

Birthing is BIG and the story you create, the story you tell yourself, and how that resonates in your body, mind and soul, will seep into your self confidence, resilience, and self-worth. It can effect your parenting, sleep, emotional state, anxiety levels, and create major trust issues. It can develop into postpartum anxiety, depression and even PTSD.

I have worked with numerous women that felt traumatized by their birth simply because they did't have the tools to process the experience mentally. Where do you put such emotions? How do you navigate such negative feelings? Who do you start to blame ...

As women, we usually blame ourselves and our bodies. How do such emotions and feelings impact the relationship with your body? Your spirit? And, your soul? How does this effect your joy and happiness in your life? Your relationships with your partner and child? Walking down the path of emotional failure in birth is a long and lonely road; and quite frankly, I am done with all the causalities, enough is enough because ...

YOU can’t fail in birth; however, your childbirth class CAN fail you!

Yes, preparation is KEY and where you go for that preparation is paramount!

  • Fact, your care provider will not educate you about birth and postpartum. 

  • Fact, certain high profile "Birthing Methods" aid in the divisive language creating a birth culture of fear and failure. 

This is one of the major reasons I became a birth professional because feeling like you failed In this moment is simply not fair. It is not fair that birthing people carry the burden of their experience when they aren't set up for success. It is not fair that we blame our bodies and ourselves. It is not fair that we feel out of control and are left without a way to process our experience.

Our maternity system is letting birthing people down by not preparing us enough. Hospital classes do not address the emotional and mental preparedness needed to meet this moment. And, alternative popular and trendy "Birthing Method" too often only propagate birth as one size fits all; and if we don't achieve that birth we feel like we failed.

I had to do my own soul searching as I noticed that big name childbirth “Methods” were creating a birth culture of failure and self-blame. Whose messaging translated to disappointment if an un-medicated birth was not achieved or a cesarean was necessary. I know first hand how dangerous such narrow definitions for giving birth can be as they contribute to trauma for many. 

I personally broke away from the previous “Birthing Method” I taught and vowed never to subscribe to another “Birthing Method” that was based in fear mongering and believes that birth should only be one way. (Click here Breaking Up with Bradley to read more about my experience)


So what is a girl to do?!?!

Have to fear, this is the reason I became a childbirth educator to bridge the gap between our medical system and our individual human needs and desires.

Having worked with 1000’s of families in birth and postpartum and helped them achieve a beautiful experience (regardless of how they birthed), it pains me to hear people say they felt like a failure or were disillusioned by their birth experience. It was not okay for a person to blame themselves or feel like a failure if their baby needed to be born a very specific way.

So, I decided to take my experience and knowledge, not only as a childbirth educator but also as birth doula that has sat at the birth bedside of 100’s of families, and offer up what I have learned.

Connected Childbirth was born of the need to support ALL families and ALL birth. We will give you the tools to take care of yourself in labor. HOW you decide to birth is completely up to you!

I created Connected Childbirth because ...

  • Birth is Brave NOT MATTER HOW YOU DO IT.

  • Only YOU can decide what is best for YOU in the moment.

  • I wanted a judgment free and non-agenda based childbirth class that aimed to inform, empower and support ALL birthing families.

  • Sometimes we don’t know what to do until we are there.

  • We ALL deserve an empowering and amazing birth experience regardless of the tools we use to have our babies.

  • Our hospital classes are not addressing the emotional and mental space of birth.

  • Big name “Methods” are creating a culture of fear and failure.

  • I want YOU to have the tools to meet this day on YOUR terms with YOUR goals in mind and no one else’s!!!

  • You CAN NOT fail in birth!!

REGARDLESS of HOW you birth, Connected Childbirth will help you make your experience amazing, we will help you connect to your needs in the moment and empower you at every step of the way; unmedicated, medicated or cesarean birth!!


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