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Say Cheese! 5 Tips to Capturing Your Memories

Labor of Love Birth Services had such a great response to our last photography blog I wanted to bring Rhea back for another information session.

In my business as a childbirth educator and doula I offer many resources on pregnancy, birth and parenthood; and as mother myself, I know that we want to capture every moment of our children’s life! I have 1000’s of photos on my computer and phone; but how do we make them count? How can we start taking better photos? How can we start taking photos that will end up on our walls, be displayed in our homes and not just filed away on our computer?

For such tips I went straight to the source, a professional and someone that has been taking beautiful photos her entire life. Rhea Ashlynn is an amazing photographer and local to Southern California. She has an inspiring portfolio and is an expert in her field. Rhea has agreed to share 5 great tips to help us get better photos for ourselves.

1. Use your big kid camera

Photograph your child with a camera besides your iPhone. While the iPhone is a great go to and convenient for those spontaneous moments, capturing your child with a digital or film camera will give you a better quality photo. With a better quality photo, you will be more inclined to print, share and display your photos. As a photographer Rhea can help you learn the manual settings on your camera if switching over from auto. She offers this as a service and would love to help you learn more about your camera.

2. Location Location Location

Photograph your child in “THEIR” environment. A playroom or nursery for example. These spaces change so quickly as does your child and their interests. Take pictures of your child in these spaces before they are outgrown.

3. The little things are what count.

When capturing a child of any age make sure to step back. Instead of just photographing the child, photograph the age of the child. What is a favorite food, favorite toy, or favorite book. If your child is a toddler or younger try to photograph the milestone your child is currently in or learning.

For example Rhea's daughter just turned 21 months. Rhea found a lovely opportunty to capture her age when snacking on some olives. As Rhea's daughter stuck an olive on each finger and drank the olive juice, Rhea captured the cleverness of this moment. She now has memories to share of the first time her daughter placed an olive on each one of her tiny little fingers, and the funny faces she made when eating each one. Those little moments will be a prized momery to reflect on in just a few years.

4. Lighting!!

Lighting is key to a wonderful portrait. Watch the light in your home. If the master bedroom has more light then the living room in the morning then save living room pics for the afternoon when it is brighter. Strip your bed down to the sheets and take advantage of morning light with your little one in just a diaper. Capture the simple details of your child… fingers, toes, leg rolls, the one little curl in the middle of their forehead. Repeat this process and watch how your little one grows and develops in the same location with a similar light.

5. Be Present!!

As a mother and photographer, Rhea admits that she is guilty of never wanting to be in front of the camera and being more comfortable behind it. She reminds us that our little one will thank us for it later (sweats, mom bun and all). These are memories we are capturing for your little ones. Memories they will only have through a photograph. Don’t be afraid to be in front of the camera too.

To contact Rhea about her services please visit her website and happy memory making to you all!


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