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5 Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day that Every Dad will LOVE!

As a companion piece to my 5 Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day that Every Mom will LOVE, here is the flipside for us mothers needing to get a cool gift. As a doula and Bradley Method(r) childbirth instructor, I support couples in all aspects of pregnancy, birthing and parenting. My services as a doula and childbirth educator include setting women up for success. Even when it comes to gift giving!

So as a gentle remember and resource, I have compiled 5 easy examples (some links included) of gifts that any father would love. Win his heart all over again and show him how much you love and appreciate him this Valentine’s Day with any of the below ideas.

1. Beard Care Kits - Spoil any man by supporting his craft beard. This will also make his face nice, supple, and soft to touch and kiss this Valentine’s Day.

2. Custom Family Portrait - Make him feel loved and proud by ordering a personalized fun family portrait. He will think you are the coolest!

TheHappyCotswoldCo - Personalized Lego Head Drawing

Lego With Love - Personalized Lego Portrait

3. Spa Treatment - Make him feel like a king with a day at a local spa.

4. Specialty Items - Depending on what your man is into here are some cool gifts for the high tech, beer enthusiast and bicycling man.

Google Cardboard - VR Tech for you phone

Bikeahead - Coolest Baby Bike Seat EVER!

Beer of the Month Club - Need I say more!

5. Personal Time - This doesn’t cost a thing! Giving your man the time to get away for the night to get a beer with his friends will feel like heaven. He will shower you with thanks!

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