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What Do You Do with an Idea?

As a child, I was full of wonderful ideas and so very curious about everything! I remember asking my mother countless questions about our universe. I was very inquisitive. And, as my interests unfolded, I have gone on amazing adventures following my ideas. From studying theater in Los Angeles & San Fransisco, to traveling abroad in Italy and London for my undergraduate work in Art History, to visiting numerous ruins in Mexico, Thailand, and Cambodia, for research on my Masters' degree in Religious Studies. My ideas have taken me to many places; especially, where I currently live & work, Labor of Love Birth Services (my Biggest Idea!).

Ideas are so important, which is why I love the children's book; What Do You Do with a Idea?

This book explores the growth of an idea, the magic of an idea and the responsibility of an idea.

It details how an idea starts. How you carry it with you and hear its voice. How its voice gets louder and louder as your idea grows. The bigger it gets, the harder it is to ignore. Eventually your idea becomes a part of you, inspiring and guiding you, so you nurture it, giving your idea a lot of attention.

The book addresses that sometimes if you share your idea people may disagree with it and say unkind things to you about it. You may be made fun of or told that your idea is not worth anything. Others may simply not understand your idea.

Such reactions may cause you to ignore and want to neglect our idea. You may second guess yourself and the time you have devoted to your idea. And, this can make you very sad and lonely because your whole world is brighter with your ideas.

This book is brave; it challenges us parents to have real conversations with our children about imagination and courage. In a beautifully illustrated way, this book details how our ideas will inspire, challenge and change our lives in immeasurable ways.

I encourage you to chase your ideas and inspire your little ones to chase theirs as well! You never know where an idea will take you!

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