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What If You Focused on a Feeling NOT an Outcome?

What if instead of focusing on an outcome for your birth,

you focused on how you wanted to feel?

What if instead of concentrating on the end goal YOU placed all your attention on your emotions?

What if instead of focusing all your energy on drafting a specific birth plan, you concentrated on creating a space that cultivates joyful and resilience?

What if you decided that regardless of outcome you would stay present, connected and in a place of joy?

What if you concentrated on growing that sensation and allowing it to ruminate throughout your body?

What if you cultivated that space, that feeling, so throughly throughout your entire body, that is just expanded and expanded the entire time you were in labor?

What if you focused on that sensation to the highest point?

What if you created the language to support this feeling the entire time you labored?

What if you became so completed connected to this feeling, emotion and sensation that you brought it to life?

What if you instead of planning for an unmedicated or medicated birth, the X, Y & Zs, you planned to “FEEL” and “BE” in a specific mindset and energy?

What if every time you felt like it was too much, or overwhelming, or too fearful and anxious, you reached for that feeling? You drew it into your body so completely that it radiated from you?

What if you just decided to be present, release any resistance to the moment and enjoyed what was to come?

What if you focused on connecting to your spouse, body, and baby in this moment and sending them all love and joy?

How would that change, support you? How would deciding to be joyful, even in the mist of chaos, change things for you?

How would letting go of expectations and control feel? Liberating?

What if you just decided to trust your journey and the path that unfolded before you without judgement?

What if you focused on being STRONG in this moment even when it became overwhelming?

What if you focused on being BRAVE in this moment even when you felt scared?

What if you focused on LOVE in this moment even when you doubted everything?

Your mind is POWERFUL and what you feed grows. You have the power to decide how you want to feel in birth.

In my experience, being a birth worker for almost 10 years now, many birthing people come to me full of anxiety. Nervous, anxious, concerned, doubting themselves, questioning everything, looking for answers, finding fault in their choices and second guessing themselves. It is my job to help them navigate their feelings, help them lean into them and ultimately trust their inner knowing.

When we trust out inner knowing we lead with our emotions, our gut feeling, our intuition. When we walk into Motherhood/Parenthood the best investment you can offer yourself is to cultivate, get to know AND trust YOUR intuition. Believe it or not YOU have all the answers - no one is coming to save you, my friend. YOU must do that work yourself!

So I offer you to this, invest in your feelings. Remind yourself that joy is everywhere and that you were made to thrive. You were made to persevere. You were made to overcome. This life, your one brilliant, bright life, was made just for you. Everything that happens is there to serve you, honor you and bring into creation that in which you desire.

So, what do you want to create? What do you want to feel? You get to decide! You get to decide what language you use to describe this moment. YOU get to decide how this moment lives in your body. You get to create the story. You get to fill in the blanks. You get to decide how you feel about your story by the language you use to describe it. YOU get o decide how to fill in the gaps with lack or abundance. Words are you powerful - thoughts are not facts - choose your thoughts intentionally and only fed the ones that serve you. YOU get to decide which thoughts you give energy and you ultimately create that story by the thoughts you think.

SO, how do you want to feel the day you meet your baby? Focus on that feeling cultivate wildly and take it with your everywhere - especially into that labor room and things will unfold just as they should!

This is intrigues you, look into our Connected Childbirth Course for a Mindful Approach to Birthing



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