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Why This Doula LOVES Cesarean Birth

Thank goodness for cesareans!

Labor of Love Birth Services supports YOU in birth, not just how you birth. We want women to know that when and if they find themselves here, they have all of our support. It is pretty brave and courageous to have major surgery to birth your babies!

We celebrate that bravery!

Here are few reasons why we love cesarean birth:

Availability - I LOVE that cesarean birth exists! Thank goodness we live in a day & age where women have the option of a safe cesarean. Did you know that this procedure has been around for thousands of years? First recorded one dates back to ancient roman times; however, the mother didn’t survive. Luckily for us this procedure has been perfected and for the majority of us it is relatively safe.

Less Medication - Even though having a cesarean requires the mother to be heavily medicated, babies get very little medication. We need to remember that the efficiency of a cesarean is at its highest. By the time a women is prepped and ready, her baby or babies will be born quite quickly. This means that babies born via cesarean, actually receive very little medication though the birth process.

Safety - Doctors that perform cesarean births are highly trained, credentialed and educated. Nurses that assist cesarean births are highly trained, credentialed and educated. Medical technicians that support cesarean births are highly trained, credentialed and educated. Cesarean births are done often, which means all the above listed people that help perform them ARE REALLY GOOD AT WHAT THEY DO!

Rejoice - It is a hard decision for most of us to make and when we find ourselves here, there are many (oh, so many) emotions. But let’s take a moment to focus on what has really happened. As a mother, in that moment, you made the best choice given the circumstances to protect your baby. What better definition of a mother is there? You made some sacrifices to come to this decision for the safety of your child which makes YOU pretty darn amazing!

Birth is not one size fits all!

Labor of Love Birth Services caters our services to meet YOUR specific needs for your specific birth and we are very proud of that. Please contact us about how we can support you and your family through this transition.

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