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2 Hours on a Weekday & Then I Push

Childbirth AIN'T like the movies! Water breaks, woman screams, partner passes out, cursing, panic, and welcome baby!

Luckily, birth is nothing like this!! We need to invest and do the research to help us understand what birth his really like. Most people spend more time researching the type of couch they buy than investing time into one of the biggest days of their life; BIRTH.

A woman will ALWAYS remember the day she labored and birthed her children. Her partner will also remember that day forever too. And, as a parent, you will have a little person attached to you, walking around and reminding you of this day forever!

Childbirth classes WILL make your birth better.

Your OB or midwife do not have the time to fill you in on the details and what to expect. Preparing you for labor is NOT their job. Their job is to make sure you and baby are medically safe.

At Labor of Love Birth Services, our job as your childbirth instructor is to fill in those details. We prepare you and your partner for your birth experience. For many people, this means, we cover topics you never knew existed! We answer questions you may not have thought of or prepared for. We build confidence in your partner to support you best!

Childbirth education is essential to a better birth experience.

Labor of Love Birth Services has many different childbirth education options catering to ALL birthing choices. Our main focus is to build connection between you, your partner and your birth. Instead of your BIRTH-day being scary, overwhelming, and full of fear, we want this to be a pentacle day in your life one that is monumental, challenging, empowering, and rewarding.

At Labor of Love Birth Services we prepare you for the experience!

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