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Our Hero - The Postpartum Dad

Labor of Love Birth & Postpartum specializes in working with families in postpartum. Through the years we have learned that our households are only as healthy as the mother that resides in the home.

Helping a women recover from birth & pregnancy, take care of herself, get sleep and aid with newborn care makes the whole house thrive. When a women is supported she will feel better, when she feels better she will take better care of her baby and herself. When she feels better her partner will reap the rewards too and the whole house is happy.

We wanted to share some tips we offer our postpartum dads in this process. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate this space for the women we love. These easy tips can make all the difference in your confidence and the health of your home.

Here are is a list of things to start with - the key to this list is to do these things WITHOUT ASKNG!

  • Change diapers - Assume that your baby needs a diaper change and just do it! Don't ask if it is needed.

  • Go shopping - run to the store to replenish needed items, without asking, even if you don't get everything it WILL be appreciated.

  • Do laundry - toss a load in & fold it. She will love you more each day!

  • Return items to the store as needed & Amazon. Most all women have a pile of returns from various baby showers & Amazon orders. I am sure you can easily find the pile with the receipts attached.

  • Initially offer & go to ALL postpartum appointments. It can be hard enough to just get out the door. Going to postpartum appointments will make her feel amazing and loved.

  • If you use something in the diaper bag, REPLACE IT!!

  • If your partner is pumping, help with storage & systems & ALWAYS label the milk (date, etc) on the bag, lay flat to freeze.

  • Make her laugh daily to release stress & overwhelm.

  • Do the bath routine with your baby & settle them for bed.

  • Give your partner time each day to be alone. Watch your baby so that she can go for a walk, talk on the phone, take a lonnnng shower, etc.

  • Take over on meal prep & ensure that if you are returning to work your partner has something easy to eat for lunch.

  • Check in with her if you are not home. A loving text goes along way.

  • Encourage her to call support if needed, maybe even arrange it for her!

  • Let her know that she is an amazing/incredible/beautiful mother EVERYDAY!

**Remember the key to this list is to not ASK - JUST DO!!

Postpartum is a very intimate & sensitive time that comes with its own challenges. Many women feel very isolated and alone. Our goal is to support the family as best as possible and helping our partners be their best is part of it!

Helping a woman recover quickly is essential for our homes are only as healthy as the mother that resides in them.

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