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Baby Proofing Basics

Baby Proofing

It may seem a long time off, when you just bring your newborn home; however, babies grow fast! Before you know it, they will be crawling around and getting into EVERYTHING.

Here are some tips to put in place to ensure safety BEFORE your baby starts to explore.

  • Begin by getting down to their level in the areas that your baby will have access to. You want to get on your hands and knees and explore as they would; see what your baby sees. This will help identify valuables that need to be removed and areas that need more attention.

  • When exploring, notice any outlets and place protective covers over them. This will prevent any unwanted fingers or objects being inserted into them.

  • Notice any sharp corners that could cause issues like the edge of a coffee table. You can get covers for these areas.

  • For rooms you don’t want your little one in, practice keeping those doors shut. You will want to also use a safety childproof door knob on these rooms.

  • Place baby gates at the entrance and foot of all stairs. You will want to practice ALWAYS closing them so that this is habitual.

  • Apply safely latches to any and all draws and cupboards that baby can get into. Especially, those that contain cleaning products.

  • Ensure that all heavy furniture is safely anchored to the wall.

  • Install a safely latch on all toilets to ensure against accidents; baby falling in or clogging the toilets with objects.

  • For any acceptable facets ensure safety latches are placed on the hot water knob to prevent burns. You can even place needed latches on the stove, if your little one plays with them.

  • Notice any low hanging cords that maybe dangerous and try them up; especially, any hot appliances.

  • There are special safety locks for your washer and dryer if your baby can access them and climb in.

Hope this helps and happy toddlering!


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