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Hippy Dippy Doula - Not Just for Unmedicated Home Births!

Birth and postpartum doula services in Orange County by Labor of Love

When I tell people that I am childbirth educator and doula, it invokes many a whole list of ideas about me and my work:

  • Birkenstock Wearing

  • Patchouly Smelling

  • Sage Waving

  • Moon Ceremonies

  • Drum Ceremonies

  • Birthing Circles

  • Essential Oil Pushing

  • Unmedicated Birth

  • Home Birth

  • Water Birth

  • Anti-Hospitals

  • Anti -Intervention

  • Anti-Epidural

  • Anti-Medication

  • Birth Activists

This list could go on and on as I have heard it all.

And, while the above are all perfectly fine they could be farther from the truth for Labor of Love.

There is a large misconception that as doulas we only support alternative, out of hospital birthing; and, this simply isn't true about our care as modern doulas. While one or two of us may own Birkenstocks, none of us would be considered hippies (maybe a little crunchy); however, my point being is that we believe that birth is NOT one size fits all.

And, we, Labor of Love, do not have a specific birth philosophy. We also do not qualify ourselves as BIRTH activists.

We believe that YOUR philosophy about birth is all that matters; not ours. We trust that you know what is best for your body and baby. We offer you encouragement to find YOUR voice so that you can trust YOUR instincts.

"While we are seen as only for the few, our goal is to flip this thought and help make doulas mainstream. "
Birth and postpartum doula services in Orange County by Labor of Love

The Reality of our Birth Doula Care:

  • The majority of our clients' births happen in the hospital (about 95%) verses home or birth center births.

  • There is NEVER any tension between us as doulas and hospital staff. We have cultivated so many connections and relationships over the last 9 years to ensure a calm atmosphere for our clients. The idea that you need to fight for your rights, options or that you will get "Nurse Ratchet" is false!!!

  • Most of our clients want guidance and support to help them navigate their choices in labor. They may not know if medication is for them until they get there. This challenges the idea that women only need a doula if they want an alternative birth experience.

  • About 30% of our clients know that they want an epidural in labor. Again, challenging the idea that doulas are only for those that want an unmedicated birth.

Birth and postpartum doula services in Orange County by Labor of Love

As your doulas, Labor of Love believes it is our job is to get to know you, listen to your desires, needs and help you create an individualized plan of action. We are there to support you and your partner through one of life's BIGGEST events. Our goal is to ensure that you are mentally and emotionally taken care during this time. That you do not feel alone, afraid or unheard. We are your anchor securing you in this time, moment, space so that you feel like you can decide for yourself what the next right step is in your care.

We do this without agenda or judgement. That means that YOU decide what happens next, that YOU decide your course and path because that is how YOU find empowerment in YOUR birth. By feeling safe and confident to listen to your own instincts and not second guess YOURSELF!! Our one goal is to support YOU in your journey.

We are modern doulas for the modern family. That means that ALL women need support in birth regardless of HOW they birth. This is when you invite more support in so that you feel safe and secure to meet this moment on your terms with body, mind and soul. So while a little crunchy, Labor of Love, is not your traditional hippy dippy doula service.

We would love to hear about your birth desires. Contact us today to see how our care help you get there.


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