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Packing for Your BIG Day!

Geez, one Google search on pack for the hospital and you can find a list that includes a birthday cake, champagne, and your entire bedding (pillows, comforter, etc).

It can be so confusing as to what you really need. At Labor of Love we tell all our clients to Keep It Simple!!

Here are some great tips to consider when packing for your big day:

  1. This is not a stay at the Ritz, if you can not carry your own bag at 9 months pregnant, YOU ARE TAKING WAY TOO MUCH!

  2. Most hospital stays include moving to 2-3 rooms within less then 2 days. You want to make this process easy and bring the minimal. Lugging numerous bags, luggage, etc is just NOT necessary.

  3. Ensure that whatever you bring to the hospital can easily be cleaned, sanitized or tossed. Void bringing your bed pillow that you sleep with nightly. I guarantee it will end up on the floor and you don't want to then place it back on your clean bed.

  4. Make sure that your partner, when bringing the bags into the hospital room, places your bags either on a bench, table or the designated cupboard. You don't want your purse placed on the hospital floor.

  5. When in doubt, Keep It Simple and minimal!

Here is an easy and simple cheat sheet for what you really need!


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