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As a Doula, I Do Not Support Birth

As your doula, I don't support birth.

As your doula, I don't have a personal agenda.

As your doula, I don't have a personal birth philosophy.

As your doula, I don't have your birth planned out for YOU.

As your doula, I don't have a vendetta towards YOUR medical and hospital staff.

As your doula, I am not at YOUR birth to personally further my own activism.

As your doula, I am supporting YOU, not your birth! I am supporting your goals, your feelings, your birth team, your ideas, your space, your baby, your body.

I work for you with no agenda other than to care and support your specific needs, and validate all that YOU are, and all that you need.

As your doula, I do have a goal, and that goal is that you feel my genuine support and presence. That you do not feel alone in this process. That you have the confidence to move forward into parenthood with less overwhelm and stress, and a friend by your side.

My goal is make this transition better for you and your family; in any way possible. YOU have my complete support throughout the entire process; during your pregnancy, your birth and postpartum period. I am your doula and I support YOU, not simply your birth!

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