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Expecting? How Safe Do You Feel?

Did you know that you WILL NOT release your baby if you do not feel SAFE!


As labor begins, if you are afraid, scared, feeling unsafe and uncertain your body releases hormones that will slow or stop your labor. This is a basic and primal survival response.

Just like any other mammal, you will not release your baby if you do not feel safe. 

Think of a cat that will find a secluded, dark and safe place to birth her kittens. Away from distraction, away from possible predators, away from any threat. She will keep her babies in until she finds a safe place to surround herself and her babies for a prolonged period. Once she is safe, her labor will kick up, she can devote for entire attention to the process, and her body, without distraction or threat. 

Real or perceived danger, thoughts, feelings and attitudes, you have about birth WILL affect your experience. 

If you are hesitant, scared, feeling alone and afraid, not confident or fear this experience, even the relationship you have with your body, can increased the possibility that your labor will be more painful, longer and possibly traumatic. 

This is why I am such a HUGE advocate for unbiassed, non-agenda based and inclusive childbirth education. It is the BIGGEST factor in embracing your experience and creating beautiful memories. I have, not only personally experienced this change, BUT also professionally see it time and time again! 

I want to offer you all the tools to empower YOU to have an amazing birth, even in the midst of uncertainty. I want to place the tools in your hands with our Connected Childbirth class! 

There are 3 pillars in creating a safe space for yourself:

1. Mindset and Self-care: Our class walks you through evaluating your beliefs about this moment, unpacking how you think about your body, your self worth, birthing and becoming a parent. 

2. Support: Having a partner that knows how to ensure that you feel safe in this moment is crucial, especially in our current climate. Your partner (be it a spouse, mother, friend, sister) knows you best. When they have the tools to support you WELL - it is a game changer. We place all the information in their hands! 

3. Environment: Creating a safe, comfortable and less stressful environment is KEY. We discuss how to create a safe space, bring that environment to your birth place to ensure that you remain calm, ready and willing to relax and let your baby out! 

Connected Childbirth will walk you through the steps to create a safe experience; physically, emotionally and mentally. 

You will receive:

  • 4 presentations specifically that address FEAR and moving through it

  • 10 cheatsheets and worksheets designed to help you create a safe space physically, mentally and emotionally

  • 6 advanced tools to help you connect to your deeper strengths and calm your central nervous system

  • 5 audio mediations to offer peace in this moment 

Keep in mind this is only one Module out of 4 from our program! 

Join us today and get our breastfeeding class for free!


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