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For many of us, born before cell phones, we used the Thomas Guide to navigate our way around town. Looking for an address or street? Pull out that trusty spiral-bound 5000 page atlas to forage your way through streets and cities.

Want to go on a cross country trip? Head down to your local AAA store to wait in line and map out your destination. Your route will easily be detailed on about 5 pounds of large fold out maps with a highlighted line directing you to your destination. After only a mere 20 minutes of frustrated hell, will you hone your map-folding skills and be able to handle one of those big, bad maps in the car! Oh, the joys of B.C. living. (Before Cell)

Today we have the convenience, luxury and simplicity of opening an app on our phone or car & simply texting or speaking the address into the device. We have the accuracy of global satellites navigating our way and at any moment, with a guarantee of finding the safest, fastest and less congested route to our destination. It really couldn't get any easier. Can you imagine driving now a days without having this information at your fingertips?

This is exactly what a labor doula does for your birth journey. She is your GPS, your Google Maps, your Waze through one of the BIGGEST & GREATEST journeys of your life. As a doula we have the skills to ensure you are heading to your specific destination, one that you choose and feel most confident traveling to. As your doula, we have the tools to help navigate any obstacles that may arise. With our expertise we can help figure out detours and road blocks. As your doula, our experience and knowledge ensures that you arrive safely. That you were never alone and had help the entire time you figured out your route.

We are your navigation team, your life line in the middle of the night when you feel lost, the light at the end of the tunnel. We are right by your side encouraging and supporting you when you feel you may need to turn back. We are holding your hand when you are overwhelmed and unsure of which direction to turn. We are there every step of the way so that your experience is not compromised along the way. So that you feel like you have direction in the midst of chaos. So that you enjoy your incredible journey into motherhood.

Give us a call today to help you navigate your route!

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