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5 Tips for a VBAC

VBAC - Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

Putting a plan in place to achieve a VBAC?

Here are 5 tips we have learned after supporting many women working towards this goal:

#1 Find the Right Provider:

This is paramount. Your care provider absolutely decides how your birth unfolds. Your care provider must have a reputation for allowing VBACs to unfold. Meaning they don't say, "Yes, yes, yes," and then change their tune when the time comes. It is imperative to research and ask around to find a provider that is recognized for helping women achieve a VBAC. Labor of Love highly recommends the Midwives at Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group. These midwives work hard at helping all women achieve their birth goals.

#2 Find the Right Hospital: Number 1 & 2 usually go hand in hand. However,

hospital’s have their own agenda, and policies that reflect it. You need to ensure that the hospital you deliver at is on board with your VBAC. Research their reputation and ask around for those that have achieved a VBAC and where they delivered.

#3 Attend the Right Childbirth Class:

Educate yourself! When you understand and trust the birth process you are more likely to make better decisions for yourself and the care you receive. Knowing how to work with your body and allow birth to unfold spontaneously will get you closer you are to achieving your goals.

In addition, as a VBAC you will need to work through your first birth and come to a place where you can enter this new experience open and free. Attending a great childbirth class can offer this to you. We (of course) think our Connected Childbirth series is amazing and is the perfect fit. We work closely with our VBAC clients.

#4 Hire A Birth Doula:

Invest in your experience and hire a professional birth doula. We have learned that the more support a women has in labor the better her birth experience will be.

With a professional birth worker by your side you will have the tools to help navigate any decisions that may arise leading up to birth, while in birth and moving forward. Labor of Love Birth Doulas specialize in VBACs and would love to be on your team!

#5 Avoid Induction:

To achieve a VBAC, spontaneous labor is a necessity. That means that there is not pressure to induce if it is not medically needed.

That means that your care provider allows you to go beyond 41 weeks pregnant.

That means that your care provide will not induce at 39 weeks because of maternal age.

That means that your body is given the time to start labor all on its own! This is paramount. With induction comes a greater rick of repeat cesarean.

Even with all this said, your baby ultimately decides how they will arrive. These are just a few steps to help work towards the success of a VBAC.

Either way birth is brave and you have our support.

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